Playful Arts Festival 2012 (Den Bosch)


Playful Arts Festival is an initiative of bART, De Digitale Werkplaats and zo-ii. 

There is a contemporary playful spirit surging through the world and playful public spaces pop up around the world. PAF aims to add to this and bring more play to The Netherlands.

The theme for PAF 2012 is "Collaborative Play". PAF 2012 will feature a 3-day exhibition, a special guest and a performance night.

More information:

[Link] Zo-ii's links page to game audio & music articles/soundtracks

Een uitgebreid overzicht met veel links naar pagina's en artikelen over game-audio, -muziek en soundtracks door Zo-ii.

Of zoals in de beschrijving zelf staat: "Great overview with many links to articles about game audio, music, and soundtracks."

Initiated and maintained by Zo-ii.


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